Carmelis Goat Cheese, Gelato?

I didn’t know if Carmelis goat cheese was a specific type of cheese (e.g. emental, provole) or a brand, and as it turns out it is a family owned boutique dairy. Since I’m a sucker for anything with boutique in the name—I dig the uniqueness, the stories, and the experience of such places—I had to search it out with some friends.

I first heard of Carmelis goat cheese when it came on a savory pizza at the Wild Apple Grill and haven’t been able to get it out my mind since. Their website is pretty solid, they offer tips and tricks, a product-line, tools to figure out when to drop by for a tour and of course a map. It was also on their website we learned they make gelato from their goats milk. Smooth, delicious gelato. If you’re a chocolate lover like I am, try the chocolate hazelnut gelato, pair it with good friends, a hot summer day and some classic Beatles or Quebec’s Cœur de pirate.

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