These People Are A-OK: Nasim Jamal

Nasim is easily regarded as the Okanagan’s most recognizable photographer with the largest collection of the most expensive, eclectic, defunct and utterly useless camera lenses around. After amassing such a collection for professional reasons Nasim stopped taking photos almost entirely and now shoots with a Canon point and shoot. In his spare time time, which is all of his time, he has created some of the most innovative designs and alterations the trucker hat world has ever seen. Sometime working as a stagehand but mostly doing it for the t-shirts and donuts.

Why We Love It Here

1. Helping a friend rebuild a motorbike.
2. Theft Buster? Who would steal a car painted like that?
3. Dropped in on friends at Cafe Soleil. They are such pretty mutants.
4. Calling mom is always a good idea. She just wants to know you’re o.k.
5. Me!
6. Hunting for car parts at the Pick-n-pull.
7. Levitating my Delorean with the power of four cinder blocks.
8. A sampling of Nasim’s Hat World (formerly Lee’s hat world) with my manager Tim Janzen.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?
Around Leon Avenue.

What do you do and where?
Dumpster diving in the downtown zone.

What are you working on?
Adding secret storage compartments to my Delorean. Seriously.

Where can we find your work?
I am currently a fashion designer specializing in hat making. You can find my hats locally at Tweaked and Yummy on Ellis. You can find my photos online on the [Face]Book.

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