Deli City Cafe

Last week, my sister and I were looking to try somewhere new for lunch. When asked what I was in the mood for in an effort to narrow down our search field, my response was simply “Sandwiches.” I love them. For real, given the option, I would eat savoury meat, cheese, sauce and veggies nestled between two thick, fresh, toasty pieces of bread for every meal of the day.

We ended up at Deli City Cafe, which I’ve never even heard of, but the reviews were positive. And with good reason. Though the decor is a little dated and the location not exactly prime, the sandwiches, you guys. The sandwiches. They have a great selection to choose from. I went with the Cobb, because there is nothing I love more than the combination of bacon and avocado on a sandwich. So good. And they source as often as possible from local, sustainable farms, so you’re eating deliciously and doing a solid for local farmers. Rad!

Grab a bunch of these and iced coffees, a blanket, and head down to your favourite park for some impromptu picnicking and people-watching.

In lieu of a picture, we have a song!

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