Kelowna Roller Derby

Roller Derby is alive and well in Kelowna, and if you had a chance to make it to Prospera Place on June 19th you were able to witness it for yourself. The Kelowna Peach Tarts took on (and defeated) the Shuswap Raggedy Rollers that evening in their first Home Bout! We were floored when 2,000 energetic people showed up to take in the game, needless to say we’re in the process of planning our next one ;) Stay tuned for more details on that, but for now save the date, August 14th at Prospera Place!

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association formed about 6 years ago now, and Roller Derby Leagues have been popping up all over the world since then.

Now this isn’t the Roller Derby you may remember from the ’70’s. We don’t play on a banked track, and none of the action is staged! Here’s a brief explanation of how the game is played:

Each team has five girls on the track. Four girls from each team are blockers, so they’re primarily defence… The jammer, one from each team, is the point scorer. The pack of eight girls take off at the first whistle, and on the second whistle, the jammers take off. They have to maneuver their way through the pack, skate a lap, and then on their second pass through, for each opposing skater that they pass, they get a point.

It’s a rough sport, one resulting in many bruises, but man is it fun!

The Okanagan Derby Girls formed a year and half ago, and have been growing steadily since. We are a not for profit, skater-owned, skater-operated league, and good news ladies, we are now looking for new recruits!

If you’re interested in joining the Okanagan Derby Girls, you can make your way to Prospera Place from 5:00–6:00 PM on July 13th, 15th, 20th & 22nd, to pick up an information package, and chat with some of the Peach Tarts.  Fresh Meat practices begin on July 24th, but you have to have all of your forms back before you can hit the rink!  For further info email

I am Little Miss Chainsaw of the Kelowna Peach Tarts, signing off.

Photos by:  Kai Duggan, Troy Marshall Hill, and Tomas Avendano

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