Mission Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park Open

Sunday saw the opening of the Mission Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park, located on a 3.4 hectare site at 1960 Hollywood Rd South, the park features a pump track and six dirt jump lanes progressing from beginner to expert. I don’t know a lot about Mountain Biking (or at all really) so what I’m recounting is based off what I heard on the CBC and what I’ve read on Castanet (if you’re interested in reporting on Mountain Biking or Skateboarding in Kelowna, contact me) but it sounds like a pretty exciting venture.

The city worked with some of the sports top riders while developing the site. It was important for it to be relevant to everyone, having runs for the amateur and beginners but still offering something to pro bikers to continuously challenge themselves with. I see this is a great opportunity for Kelowna, kids in Kelowna, and MTB in Kelowna in general, we’re excited to see what comes of this and Kelowna Is Awesome looks forward to reporting on it in the future!

Here’s a video posted last fall/winter discussing what would become of the project (hoping to have some photos soon!)

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