These People Are A-OK: Mel Schmidt

Mel is one of those people you remember. You’ve seen her on the street, you’ve seen her in salons, and you’ve seen her in your dreams. You probably didn’t even know it was her because of her ever-changing hair colours but you’d easily recognize her unique style. Since her—and her husband’s—salons started popping up all over Kelowna years ago, they’ve slowly shaped a part of the culture in Kelowna to what we know it as today.
Mel Proof

Why We Love It Here

1. My awesome dog Betsey. This was her first “couture” shaving a beautiful pink coat made from her very own fur courtesy of Donna at PetSmart, who is awesome.
2. My first trip to Chicago for one of North Americas largest hair conventions. These are my feet which I thought were on the beach of the ocean but turns out was just a really friggin’ huge lake!
3. This is my hand which does makeup, counts money, smacks people when they misbehave and signs on the dotted line, how can you not love your job with this accent piece right!
4. A trip to meet the legendary hairstylist Oribe in Las vegas led us by this poker table and I thought to myself, yep Oribe is so amazing he has his own poker table. And I love that about him. Oh, his hair skills are alright too hahaha.
5. Some makeup I did for a fashion show in Vegas, the theme was Grotesque Glamour!
6. This isn’t me but its my manager Danielle putting on a girls nails. I love this photo because you can literally see the energy that exists in our shop every day!
7. Bedhead makeup is my fave, look closely and see the happy guest in the mirror, haha…
8. Me and my hubby at our grand opening of our West Kelowna location. Why he’s making this face I have no idea but I knew he’d kill me if I submitted it. I’m naughty.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in the deep rut (Rutland) in a condo with my husband and awesome dog.

What do you do and where?
I own and operate 3 hair salons (yes, with my husband and awesome dog) Our salons are called Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge.

What are you working on?
Right now I’m working on getting the doors open to our third location at the Madison, just a few weeks away, yay! And I’m also working on something so top secret I cant even give a hint, sorry!

Where can we find your work?
You can find my work at:
1. Cream on 1771 Cooper Road
2. #313- 3021 Louie Drive, West Kelowna (Staples building)
3. 1389 Ellis Street, the Madison

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