Acro Yoga Adventures!

A close friend, Julian Hughes, has been visiting from Montréal for the last few weeks as he grew up in Kelowna and his father still lives here, as do many of his friends. One of my favorite parts of summer—if you haven’t guessed yet—is spending time with folks. I haven’t laughed as much as I have this summer, had some great nights and some great memories. This is one of them.

Julian is heavily involved in the North American hooping scene and has even traveled around educating and teaching classes and seminars both in Canada and the States as well as performing the last two years at Shambahla. We got together the other night for a quick swim with some friends and he showed us some Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. I’m not the biggest fan of Yoga. A lot of my friends do it at least on a fairly regular basis, or every day for the ones who own their own Yoga Studio, but when I’m asked to go I’ll usually make up an excuse about having to work (which in all fairness is usually true) which is too bad because I always feel so much more upbeat after a good session of the old Yogs’.

I used to be rather acrobatic as a youth and still hope to one day plant the perfect back handspring, and this for me took Yoga to the next level. I was stretching muscles I never knew I had and wasn’t even sure could stretch the way they did. I fell a lot as well, but that was part of the charm for me.

If you’re interested, we’re thinking about getting together for some Acro Yoga sessions on City Park around the 5th and 6th of September.

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