Art Show at Tweaked & Yummy

I had a chance to poke my head into Tweaked & Yummy last week, which is Kelowna’s newest vintage boutique and I must give it a solid two thumbs up! Before I moved to Kelowna 5 years ago, I live in downtown Montreal for ever in the hip and cultural district where vintage & up-cycled fashion boutiques line the trendy streets in the “Le Plateau” neighborhood. These spots are gold mines for original pre-loved clothing and accessories and Tweaked and Yummy is no different. It’s relaxed and cozy set-up is inviting and the staff are as friendly as ever.

I really could lounge in their chairs for hours and banter on about life but there is shopping to be done! The racks are lined with incredibly original pieces of all shapes, sizes, eras, and prices. It is a definite visit for fashion-addicts looking for those stand-out pieces not everyone has. T&Y are cool, affordable, & enviro-considerate. They use recycled hangers, tags, & bags made from clothes that have served their fashion purpose. Plus when people buy their clothing, they are helping by recycling.

Each month the boutique features a different local artist displaying their work. They host an artist reception right in the store with drinks and music. Tonight’s feature artists are Catherine de Montreuil, Wyatt Parker, and Andrew Thom. Catherine has lots of work with mixed media, abstract, digital, and photography. Andrew is not only responsible for making your Bean Scene coffee look and taste as sexy as possible but he is also talented with a paint can, brush or a marker working on hip sneakers or giant murals. Everything gets going tonight at 7.30PM so stop in and have a peak.

What: Art Show (free admission)
When: August 26, 2010 from 7.30PM to 10.30PM
Where: Tweaked & Yummy Boutique 1292 Ellis near Prospera Place.

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