PEAK Performance Project Boot Camp Kicks Off

Good morning world! If you haven’t heard of the PEAK Performance Project, you probably will soon. We’re up at RockRidge Canyon in Princeton, BC as the Boot Camp portion starts today! Every year, twenty finalists from BC will receive an intensive, one week training program in the music business, live performance, songwriting, marketing and promotion. Artists will benefit from mentoring by some of the music industry’s top professionals and performers. The Boot Camp is a pretty extreme week that last year brought everyone in the program together in a very interesting bonding experience. This year, campers and staff will be using top of the line equipment sponsored by Apple Computers, Roland Systems Group and Long & McQuade which is really exciting in a very geeky way. Stay tuned throughout the week as things progress. Adventures include inventing our own cables until way late in the night. Funny stories usually end up developing as we are often awake until 2am to 4am and have to get up for breakfast around 7:30am every morning. When you’re over-tired, everything get’s pretty funny.

Here’s a clip from the PEAK Orientation this June…

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