So You Think You Can Dance (Vitaminsforyou)

If you weren’t there last night, why?! Vitaminsforyou is Bryce Kushnier in what Wikipedia calls “a pioneer of the “lo-fi bedroom electronics” genre of music,” which almost feels like an understatement after last night. He was supported by two other musicians and they just came off playing three sets at Shambhala (two live and one DJ by Kushnier who also has extensive experience as a DJ, playing in Toronto collectives such as Do Make Say Think which you can catch on A-OK’s Summer Mixcast Three).

This was an interesting night for me and in the interest of full disclosure, if you didn’t know already, I work at the Habitat which was the venue hosting Vitaminsforyou last night and I assure you this isn’t a biased plug. And here’s why: I love electronic music. I love Nu Disco, I love Electronica, I love Electro House, Progressive, Experimental, French House, you name it… but we don’t get a whole lot of it in our venue. Vitaminsforyou was a lot of these and more, brushing off Psychedelic like it ain’t no thing, and teasing Folk just a little bit. They dabbled, and this is key. While I love electronic music, there is something about the DJ party that just doesn’t hold my attention, and believe me as someone who flirts with DJing the irony is not lost on me.

Call it A.D.D. (or it’s hyper-active cousin A.D.H.D.) but I can only dance to a DJ for a 5–6 hours at most before I get tired or lose interest, I prefer to hear the song at home or dancing with friends at a house party I guess. It’s no secret I dig live music and I think I’ve finally found my niche when it comes to the live electronic party. I can think of a couple DJs—M83, Booka Shade—whose live performances kept me riveted the whole time and it’s got to be the mix of the live bands and sampling. Live loops, bass and drums does it for me. Listening to Vitaminsforyou’s Myspace was good, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not 100% sure if it would be enough to get me to go out. After a few moments of them on stage, literally seconds, it was clear this was a live experience more than anything. Kushnier was meant for the stage. The energy they held and maintained throughout the night was incredible, the scene was awesome, the outfits were crazy (four layers of masks!) the night started out quiet and I’ll admit I was a little worried—I always feel bad for the band when a room isn’t just packed—but by the end of the night, a quick survey of the room found exactly three people not on the dance floor. Only three people in the entire room weren’t dancing, and everyone else was giving hell.

When Vitaminsforyou come back, I can guarantee you that I’ll be there.

They’ve also mixed up a summer mix you can listen to, download and enjoy.

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