The Listening Party

You’re probably going to see more photos in this post than I usually throw in as there was a photographer present (Kelsea Kilian Balata) and there were so many great and fun photos taken from the night it was impossible for me not to throw in a few.

This past Tuesday I was one of a few lucky people to be personally invited to Alero Music Group’s Thomas Kjorven listening party at Thomas’s wife Sharlene’s store, SHAR Skincare & Rouge at #101-1353 Ellis Street. I won’t go into too much detail about her store at this time—because I can easily see me going and getting a quick interview from her some time soon—but there were tantalizing appies and one of my favorite bottles of wine provided by AMG & Cush Restaurant & Lounge (where Thomas will be releasing his latest CD this Saturday).

I arrived on-time, which, if you know me is something I rarely do… but was granted some extra time to mingle with with Thomas, Angelo and Darnell before more folks showed up. Thomas has been working hard this last year promoting himself and getting his name out there and it shows. Between the great looking merch around and the media wall outside, the event caught the attention of more than a few passerby’s, eager to poke their head in to see what all the fuss was about.

Thomas treated us to two separate tastings of some of his songs, some I knew from his time at the Habitat’s open mic, some I didn’t know off his albums, but all were great. Thomas does music the way I think I would were I to get serious about it. A one man band, looping and sampling, the best of analog and digital complimenting each other in a similar fashion to a Metric live show. Thomas, I hope you don’t think it’s awkward I’m comparing you to Emily Haines but she’s awfully talented and so are you.

More folks arrived, more wine was drank, and I made some great new friends. Favorite part about Kelowna? How easy it seems to be to make friends at parties or events. The nights topics covered everything from owning a business in Kelowna, to starting an annual art day (more on this later).

Overall, I’d say the night was a success. This is the type of event that doesn’t happen all to often in Kelowna but is such an excellent marketing tool for the artists involved and more over just plain fun. I greatly underestimated the amount of friends I’d make and the amount of time I’d spend there and continue to learn valuable lessons about assumptions every single day. Catch Thomas this Saturday, support local talent!

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