These People Are A-OK: Chantal Couture

Chantal is warm, charming, creative, super funny, and has a bit of a spicy edge. She laughs with ease, cries at commercials and stands strong in the face of adversity. She only knows one line to every song, but sings it with wanton abandon. She is an air band rock star, a dancer with moves like you have never seen, and a catapult to excitement and fun. Her clever mix of the organic with the industrial, the hand picked with the hand made, the whimsy with the essential, has turned her store Funktional into an icon of Kelowna shopping. She is a business woman, an artist, a designer, an inspiration and a lover.

Why We Love It Here

1. EVERY day I’m in Funktional… accessories for you and your friends. I heart this new space like CRAZY!
2. Exterior of the wickedest shop on BERNARD.
3. I love to cook…new favorite, Risotto with oyster mushrooms and pistachios.
4. My favorite human being on the planet, my wife, Taryn.
5. Favorite place to play at home, in the POOL!
6. Favorite lunch, brushcetta & beer.
7. One of my favorite views, out of the airplane window towards an adventure with my love.
8. My other favorite view, our back yard, the greenway.

Why They Love It Here

What neighbourhood do you live in?
Right on the border of South Rutland and South East Kelowna, a river runs through it, orchards and wineries watch over us!

What do you do and where?
I create, buy and sell all things Funktional at 447 Bernard Avenue, downtown Kelowna.

What are you working on?
Living an extraordinary life!

Where can we find your work
Want cool stuff? Come to Funktional!

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