Thomas Kjorven CD Release Party

Thomas Kjorven is a musician /singer/songwriter/ and producer currently residing in Kelowna B.C. With his unique blend of Blues and Jazz, Thomas brings a fresh blend of soul to the piano-coustic scene.

As singer, songwriter, composer and producer – the talent is limitless and his inspiration has no boundaries. “I want to capture people with a unique sound and hopefully find some common ground through my lyrics. My aim is ultimately to make music that I would buy, albums that I would want to listen to on repeat in my car.” Pulling from a wide variety of influence from neo-soul legend D’angelo to the folk roots of Ben Harper or Ray LaMontagne, Thomas has found his own sound some where in the middle. “I have yet to find a genre that my music fits into completely and I havenʼt heard any other artist that sounds like me. I think that’s a good thing. I would say itʼs unique.”

Currently Thomas owns and operates a landscape design company where he builds custom boulder retaining walls, stairs, and brick patios. ” I thrive on creativity, and although rock work isn’t my hearts cry, it pays the bills, and I find fulfillment in being able to create something custom and beautiful from raw natural materials for someone to enjoy.” Operating heavy machinery and smelling of diesel and rock dust by day, Thomas cleans up into a jazz piano lounge performer and studio producer by night.

Thomas does all of his recording in his home studio, and through his intuitive ear has achieved a remarkable production quality. Fascinated with audio production and addicted to the creative process, Thomas claims he has just begun his musical journey. “I am in constant motion, writing and creating new songs, and I always look forward to sharing my newest project with people”

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