2nd Annual "Trash or Treasure Auction" for Okanagan AIDS Walk 2010

Last night I was a lucky attendee of Ms. Nichole Malko’s second annual “Trash or Treasure Auction” to raise money for the 14th annual AIDS walk here in Kelowna. Nichole works at MAC cosmetics in The Bay and is probably the perfect host for such parties, her events regularily turn out as vibrant as she is, and one can’t help but respect her aggressive fund-raising tactics when she softens them with great appetizers, delicious vino, and clever opportunities to raise money (cupcakes and Foosball by $1 donation).

This year’s auction is the MAC counter’s most successful year since their 2007 fashion show with the Passeport Clothing Co. at Habitat downtown Kelowna. MAC cosmetics is a huge supporter of AIDS reflief and matches what each counters contribution is. This year saw $3,871 donated to Kelowna’s Local Resource Center, which means those funds go into the hand of the people we are surrounded by.

Along with Nichole, the night saw support from other gorgeous MAC girls, her friends, significant others and local businesses including donations from Better Then Nature in Penticton and the Westside U-BREW. Congratulations to all the regular heroes pulling together in similar situations!

Photos courtesy Brogan McCluskie.

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