Sushi Sushi Sushi!!!

Momo Sushi, some of my favourite sushi in Kelowna (perhaps BC), which may find it’s root in their spicy sauce. Delicious unlike any other. Momo sushi is consistently top-notch, Joseph and his team greet you warmly upon entering and the service is cheery and quick even when they’re packed, which is quite often.

My biggest fear eating sushi is often sustainability. A close friend of mine is a marine biologist and between his reminders and documentaries like The Cove and SHARKWATER, it’s often at the forefront of my mind, as well it should be. Thankfully for folks like myself—and now you as well!—I found a great guide by SeaChoice, a national seafood markets program run by several leading environmental groups. This wallet-sized guide features sustainability information for seafood commonly found on sushi menus by ranking items as green (Best Choice), yellow (Some Concerns) or red (Avoid) options.

“This guide empowers consumers to make decisions that are better for our oceans, without sacrificing their taste for healthy, delicious seafood,” said Shauna MacKinnon, Markets Campaigner with the Living Oceans Society. “What we’re telling Canadians is that by making wiser seafood choices, they can enjoy their sushi and help our oceans too.”

Download the Sushi Guide here
They also have an iPhone app

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