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BreakOut West Awards Show

A few interviews, some with of the winners and crew and one with Chilliwack, recipients of The Hall of Fame Award for the Western Canadian Music Awards as part of BreakOut West hitting Kelowna BC October 21st-24th.

BreakOut West – Saturday October 23rd-Sunday 24th

The Industry Brunch Awards, third night of BreakOut West festival and a bit of mini BOW hitting Kelowna BC October 21st-24th presented by

BreakOut West – Friday October 22nd

The second night of BreakOut West festival hitting Kelowna BC October 21st-24th presented by

BreakOut West – Thursday October 21st

A quick survey of the BreakOut West festival hitting Kelowna BC October 21st-24th presented by

Artist on Artist Interview: Go For The Eyes

Alero Music Group has a brand new web series that highlights upcoming indie acts with interviews done by singer/songwriter Ange Alero followed by live, in-studio performances.

This week the featured artist is Calgary’s own Go For The Eyes. They crashed for the night at AMG Studios while on a quick tour stop in Kelowna. Ange caught up with them to ask a few questions about their plans and get a stellar, one-time performance of their song “Tambourine”. Let’s just say they busted out a few random instruments from the studio and decided they were going to pull off a totally wacky rendition of their already great rock song.

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Hot Hot Heat & friends @ the Habitat

What did you do Monday night? If you weren’t at the Habitat enjoying a delish doublevodkaclubsodawithalime (or four) and some piping hot nachos, you missed out on a little show put on by Rich Aucoin, Hey Rosetta!, and Hot Hot Heat. Sucks for you.

I need to make some apologies to Aucoin, because I was a little skeptical of his whole crowd interaction thing at first; I like to warm up to a guy before I commit to any kind of dancing or singing along. That said, I was completely won over by the end of the set. I mean, he brought out a parachute! Remember playing with parachutes in elementary school? And the joy that brought to your young little heart? Yeah, you do.

Hey Rosetta! were fantastic, I guess, if you’re into that really sweeping, beautiful kind of music that makes you want to just close your eyes and immerse yourself in. Not everyone’s jam, I know, but by far my favourite part of the evening.

And congratulations to Hot Hot Heat for actually getting me out of my seat (on my fourthish drink and all) to dance. “Talk to Me, Dance with Me”? So good. SO GOOD.

Pics courtesy of Brandon William Fletcher.