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Downtown Kelowna in Winter

It’s been a beautiful couple of days here in Kelowna, what’s the rest of the A-OK looking like?

K Comp Showcase at Habitat

K96.3 – Kelowna’s Classic Rock presents K Comp Showcase on November 27th
Win tickets by listening to K96.3!
$10 door (subject to capacity)
Doors 6:30, show 7:00
Featuring performances by artists featured on K Comp Vol. 1

Kelowna’s Classic Rock station K96.3 and Music BC are excited to announce Kelowna’s first ever emerging artist compilation. Entitled the K Comp, the album will feature a variety of talented emerging artists from around the Okanagan.

What sets this compilation apart from others though, is that emerging artists got the chance to apply to be part of the album. K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock along with Music BC put a call out to all Interior-based emerging artists to apply for this unique experience that is so much more than just getting your song put on a compilation. Applications have now closed and all submissions have been reviewed and adjudicated and from those submissions, 12 emerging artists were chosen to be featured on K96.3 – Kelowna’s Classic Rock K Comp Volume 1. You can listen to the 12 finalists at the K Comp website.

The K Comp Showcase will bring together 9 of the artists featured on the K Comp for a live performance at Habitat. This will give artists the chance to showcase why they were chosen to be part of this year’s K Comp. The evening will feature performances by:

  • Cassidy Wethal
  • Precision
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Thomas Kjorven
  • Windborn
  • DSD
  • Matt Stanley and the Decoys
  • Trinity’s Tattoo
  • Fields of Green

Advance tickets are only available through the top 12 artists or through K96.3 so tune in for your chance to win or try and snag a pair from one of the artists! A limited amount of tickets will be sold at the door.

New exhibitions at Gallery Vertigo – fun & thought provoking

Two new exhibitions opened last night at Gallery Vertigo, a Vernon art scene main stay.

The first space you enter, the main gallery, is covered by a fun paint-along mural dreamt up by writers and artists Jake Kennedy and kevin mcpherson eckhoff. Kevin and Jake are both creative writing faculty at Okanagan College and general movers and shakers – when they’re not meeting at Denny’s in the middle of the night to commiserate about whatever catches their fancy at 4 in the morning. They both recently gave readings at Gallery Vertigo as part of the Vertigo Voices Series – Jason Dewinetz’s is up next this coming Wed, Nov 24th ( more info:

text mural being painted

Paint on the walls! Yes, the walls.

Kevin and Jake’s mural invites visitors to the gallery to help paint in the text written on the walls – yes, you get paint on the walls!  There are instructions though. Roll the rubik’s cube to decide your colour. Roll again to find out what letter you will be painting. And away you go.

In Gallery 2, is a thoughtful and poignant body of work by Judy Wasylesko called “Just Bones”.  This body of work came about through Judy making funeral arrangements for her father, who recently passed away. As she was discussing the cremation process with the funeral director, she was surprised to learn that the ashes given back are not the full remains of your loved one. When Judy and I first discussed this project and she told me she wanted to work with the larger remains left after cremation, I envisioned that we would be dealing with a full skeleton – a thought that made me, an already squeamish person, even more squeamish. But instead the resulting work has no trace of any kind of ick factor. It is a beautifully quiet and thoughtful show, one of the nicest ones I’ve seen installed in this space at Gallery Vertigo quite frankly.

The gallery is transformed into a gallery / funeral parlor / homage where viewers are asked to consider alternative ways of interning the dead. Judy’s work honours the full remains, transforming them into beautiful contemplative objects, not as the trash they are considered in the traditional cremation process – the larger remains are usually disposed of as medical waste or garbage; pacemakers and defibrillators are recycled. When you first enter space there is a large photo of the remains arranged in a circle.

This piece has been installed in a way that thoughtfully mimics its bookend at the other end of the gallery.

Along the left wall are close-ups of individual bones, that reveal a texture that is surprisingly delicate and fragile. It seems that if you were to touch them, they would crumble.

Both of these shows run until Saturday, December 11th.

Don’t live in Vernon? Make a day of it. There is a fabulous restaurant called Bamboo Beach Fusion Grill (a Japanese fusion restaurant, where under $11 will get you a beautiful lunch of items like ramen noodle soup, tempura set or their delicious daily quiche special).  After that, wander the other way down 30th Ave (Vernon’s mainstreet) to the Bean Scene Coffeehouse (the best coffee in Vernon). They’ve just started featuring gluten free muffins for sensitive folks out there.

Gallery Vertigo is located upstairs at 3001-31st Street in downtown Vernon, BC, (V1T 5H8) in the historical Winnipeg Union Bank. Our hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm. Please call the gallery at 250-503-2297 for more information.


Live @ the Streaming Cafe

Last night, November 13/2010, I was privileged enough to attend a free show at the Streaming Cafe, with two amazing performers Zachary Lucky and Andy Shauf. Each sat on a single chair in front of the packed cafe, taking time in between songs to awkwardly answer the questions as they streamed on a laptop sitting in front of them.

Cream Madison Location

If you’re downtown Kelowna, make sure you stop in at Cream’s third location, recently opened in the Madison in the cultural district. Offering all the same amenities as their other Cream Salons, Cream Madison offers yet another convenient location and upscale salon experience.

All you’ve come to know and love from Cream in a posh enclosure, the gorgeous surroundings and lush location provide a calming escape from a busy day downtown. Even if you don’t have the time for a cut or blow, drop in to check out some of the product in store.

Great view too, you can see the lake in the near distance and at just the right time of day the sun hits the salon perfectly.

All it takes is a quick seat at the shampoo station to see which part of the view is perhaps my favorite…

Burger 55: Heaven in My Mouth

It doesn’t look like much. A tiny stand-alone shop with a few picnic tables outside for seating and a laissez-faire approach to parking, Penticton’s Burger 55 is a little underwhelming at first sight. Step inside, though, and you’ll find yourself reminded of that old adage “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Grab a clipboard and be prepared to make some serious choices. Choose your patty. Choose your bun. Cheese. Sauces. Premium sauces. Toppings. PREMIUM TOPPINGS. I’ve never felt so in control of my life before.

I wanted to take a picture of my masterpiece of a burger (there was definitely guacamole involved), but I had one bite and couldn’t stop. I recommend getting a side of the absolute best onion rings you’ll ever have in your life, and some Anarchist Amber Ale to wash it all down.

And, bonus, the soundtrack they had going on was pretty incredible. Some old Ludacris to go with my meal? Yeah, okay.

Fall Lunch at the Bike Shop Cafe

This fall, why not enjoy a quick bite at The Bike Shop Cafe & Catering Co. uptown Kelowna? Located at 101-1357 Ellis St., this was my third time trying to eat at the Bike Shop (I have the fortune of always showing up during closing hours) and my first time eating there.

The menu has too many great things to choose from, I stood there with deer-in-headlights eyes trying to figure out which delicious meal I would enjoy. In the end, I decided on a grilled chicken sandwich and cream of broccoli soup. And, of course, a pint of my favourite Tree Brewing beer, the Raspberry Porter. Perfect lunch on a sunny and warm fall day.

CBC Daybreak/Zolas Boat Party

It was beyond unfortunate that we were down during the BreakOut West festival, though all being said and done, a good chunk of the A-OK crew was pretty heavy involved in making it happen and wouldn’t have had much time to report on all the awesome. I did snap some iPhone pictures however of our Break on the Lake with Daybreak! CBC Daybreak hosted a boat party with one of my favorite Vancouver bands The Zolas on the Executive Boardroom tour boat on Wednesday, Oct. 20th. For three hours we sailed the high sees with Radio personalities and great music, yours truly even got to say a quick bumper for the program. I know, almost famous right?