Everything is A-OK!

Kelowna Is Awesome.com was a local culture/food/drink/fashion blog that was launched in May of 2010. In October, 2010 we chose to voluntarily shut the site down due to conflicting creative differences with the Canada Is Awesome network.

Kelowna Is Awesome was a great site in so many ways because it offered a place to go to where you could find out what was happening around town and to get a unique perspective on the people, places, and things that make Kelowna so awesome.

The main reason behind shutting the site down is that the Canada Is Awesome network runs as a non-profit yet we had no contact with any board of directors nor any support in creating a board, something essential for any non-profit group. We had our sights set on being a community blog and running as a non-profit didn’t quite align with our vision of Kelowna. We have had a lot of community sponsor interest but were never able to pursue these opportunities due to mis-communication with the Canada Is Awesome network. Aside from a basic template which was provided to us; site content was completely contributed by an amazing group of local volunteers – no money was made during this process and we greatly appreciate the time and the effort that all of our contributors put into making the site as awesome as it could be.

The Canada Is Awesome layout works great for bigger cities like Vancouver and Calgary, but as one of the communities that make up the great Okanagan, we decided that maybe a less limiting and more focused community blog would be a better fit. We wanted to make sure that Kelowna still had a community-based blog that could run independently but we also wanted to increase focus to a wider area to include all the
small towns and cities around. Instead of just including what’s awesome in Kelowna, we’re going to focus on the whole Okanagan area.

And so we unveil… Awesome Okanagan.com (or A-OK for short). The Awesome Okanagan site will feature posts by local contributors on everything awesome about the Okanagan (which is a pretty hefty list). We love that fact that as the internet has evolved, we’re allowed the ability for instant dissemination of information and more chances to help support the local businesses and interests we love so much about our towns.

Stay tuned for more information about the launch of A-OK. If you are interested in being a local contributor please contact us!

Photo from JeremyOK’s flickr stream

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