The Dream Café Embraces Early December

Friday and Saturday at Penticton’s The Dream Café are looking pretty great.

First of all, Friday December 3rd is Jake’s Gift

Julia Mackey, who wrote and stars in the play, is an eminently watchable actor and her transformations between characters are stunning and nuanced, right down to the perfectly angled arthritic fingers of Jake. This is one to watch.

We hosted two nights of this play a couple of years ago. Ask anyone who attended as Julia Mackey’s one woman play is FABULOUS.

Jake’s Gift is an award winning Canadian play about a WW2 veteran’s journey back to Juno Beach for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day. While there, Jake meets Isabelle, a precocious 10-year-old from the local village, whose inquisitive nature and charm challenge the old soldier to confront some long ignored ghosts; most notably, the war time death of his eldest brother Chester, a once promising young musician. At its heart, Jake’s Gift is about the importance of remembrance and makes personal the story behind one soldier’s grave. |

Then December 4th is C.R. Avery

If you missed his performance at Cush a couple months ago, you won’t want to miss this! Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall or the lucky few who made it inside the packed past capacity speakeasy, C.R. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. His genius lies in many genres – blues, hip-hop, spoken word and rock & roll. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation; with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist. A multi-talented front man for his Legal Tender String Quartet; a crazed lead singer/harp player for his rock & roll group The BoomChasers; a lyrical dynamo & the musical backbone of the spoken word trio Tons of Fun University. |

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