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C’est La Vie in Summerland

A small-town gallery packed with people on a Thursday night in January? That was the scene this week as the Summerland Art Gallery opened their first show of 2011. The gallery took a unique approach, revealing the theme at a reception and giving 22 local artists ten days to create their works. The theme for the challenge: c’est la vie.

That’s life, such is life, it is what it is — the common sayings all hinge on how we deal with disappointment. We can focus on the negatives or roll with the punches. With so many artists represented, interpretations ranged from intensely personal to more general; both philosophical and practical.  An artist’s statement beside each work gave viewers some insight into the artist’s thought pattern and process. Wendy Ferlin’s delicate pots were slightly skewed to reflect the routine disappointment of losing pottery in the kiln:

Many of the artists had a whimsical take on the theme, while others approached it more seriously. Ron Stacy’s wonderful Jaws-meets-Finding-Nemo painting got some chuckles while I was standing nearby.  Enid Chin had created three clay panels representing the eras of her own life, reflecting on the differences and connections between them. Michael Hermesh’s expressive sketches and accompanying words invited reflection on what we hope to do with our lives.  There were too many other excellent pieces too mention them all, but I was also moved by the paintings of Mikaela Etter, depicting the tattooed hands of her friends with ambiguous messages tied into the theme:

Gallery coordinators Sue Gibbs and Barb Etter had the gallery looking fantastic, finding ways to display varied forms including pottery, paintings, sculpture, and photography. The opening was so successful that several bottles of the wine donated and poured by the Thornhaven Winery disappeared in the first half hour! The vibe was great, with lots of discussion and laughter. Visitors were happily wandering with their pencils and voting slips, choosing their favourites for the People’s Choice Award.

The show continues until March 12. Winter hours at the gallery are Tuesday to Friday 1-4pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. The next show runs from March 17 to April 30 — “Light Touches in Black and White”, featuring photography by Rick Gray.

Cream 6 Year Anniversary

The night started off cool and still as a Pharaoh’s tomb. A gold tinge had fallen over the room, bartenders and early event goers alike seemed surprisingly at ease when a mummy on stilts and a belly-dancer in couture took the stage.

It wasn’t long before we were treated to another mummy and a high priest practicing tactile juggling. The night was beginning to heat up as Cream Hair and Makeup Lounge took over the Habitat for a sixth year in a row to show their appreciation to their customers. There were close to 20 models, a packed house and a lot of Egyptian couture to go around. I want Mel and Curtis to plan my birthday party…

Photography by Jeff Willard.

Focus Friday: Late January Sunset

There’s something about the angle of the sun on the lake these days that seems to hint at the coming of spring. It’s also nice that the sunsets have the grace to occur in the evening instead of mid-afternoon.

Late January Sunset by Dean Widmark


Tomorrow night, January 28th, local musicians Patrick Kelly, Windborn, Haley K Turner & Dan and Landon will be kicking off the year at The House in Kelowna. Presenting a self-described “MIND-BLOWING… …30 minute stage-show” at 1-240 Lougheed Road.

Set times are expected as follows:
Patrick Kelly – 7:30
Windborn – 7:50
Haley K Turner – 8:20
Dan and Landon – 8:40 (perhaps?)

The show is all-ages and there is a $10 cover charge for a night that includes BIG songs. BIG illusions. BIG… balloons?

17th Annual Wendy’s Dreamlift Day


Yesterday was the 17th Annual Wendy’s DreamLift Day! $109,382.45 was raised! from this one-day event!

All totalled over the last seventeen years, Wendy’s DreamLift Day has now raised an accumulative total of $995,080.64!

The total includes the gross profits, wages and salaries from all the staff, management and ownership of the nine Wendy’s Restaurants in Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna and Penticton.

The restaurants were assisted by volunteers from all walks of life. They added to the fun of the day by changing from their usual jobs in their communities to something very different: preparing burgers & salads, making fries, cleaning trays & tables and all sorts of other behind the scenes tasks that helped make the day such a great success.

A special thank you to the Orange County Sheriff’s who helped make this such a special day: Lieutenant Paul Fuzzard, Lieutenant Robert Peterson, Lieutenant Mike Toledo, Commander Dave Wilson, and Captain Linda Solorza. In addition, Marilyn MacDougall, Executive Director, from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Advisory Council attended.

Check out this video for some of the fun we had! Sonia makes Susan a Frosty!

We Are the City: Live at BreakOut West

Hometown heroes We Are the City performed live at Habitat on the CBC back in October. The performance was part of the BreakOut West music festival in Kelowna last fall. Some lucky afternoon festival goers sat in on an intimate — albeit live-streamed — performance in the venue featuring a few such young talent from the interior.

This performance was recently released as a CBC Radio 3 Sessions podcast as brought to my attention from their manager, the sublime Amanda Schweers, via her Facebook. These guys are the guys you root for, these guys are the guys you love to love, and you love to see good things happen to. This is a good thing.

There is even more good after the jump. Much love to the CBC for being stand-up persons and all-around Canadian heroes.


InPrint: Conduit has Almost Arrived!

Conduit is in partnership with the En’ Owkin Centre and Okanagan Greens Society for the second year to put on a local festival called Ecotone. This event is a live showcase of over 100 emerging and established artists, featuring installation art, sculpture, graffiti art, eco-activism, crafts, musical performances, poetry reading, fire spinning, and story telling.

This is the 4th annual festival that the collective has organized, and was created for the purpose of being a grassroots co-operative community co-venture to support and nurture the Okanagan’s creative business community and burgeoning arts scene.

In 2007 the Cakewalk Collective worked in partnership with the City of Kelowna and the Cultural District partners to celebrate and showcase the talented artistic community of Kelowna. The event has transformed over the last 4 years to become what it is today; Ecotone.

Music performances will include: Yukon Blonde, Dalas Arcand, Felt Seams, there will also be an open mic along with many other performers…too many to list! There will be original art work on display all around the centre by a number of artists including, Don Elzer, Jordan and David Doody, Meghan Wise, Malcolm Eidse and Brittany Falk just to name a few. The corridors will be filled with tables featuring local crafters wares including Curio Designs, Blowfish Glassworks, Leftover Hippies, and many, many more.

The event will also feature local and organic fair including delicious morsels prepared by Chef Grant Dumontreuil, as well as organic wine from Summerhill, organic beer from Crannog Ales and organic Mead from Meadow Vista.

This event designed to harness a great amount and diversity of creativity is not to be missed!

Ecotone All Ages festival will run from 4pm to 2am on Saturday February 5, 2011 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Ave. Minimum donation $10 at the door…or whatever you are willing to pay to support! All proceeds will go through the Okanagan Greens Society to contributing artists.

How Goes the Resolutions?

Here we are just about a month in to January. This is the time you start to notice the gym isn’t as busy, your coworkers that had managed to avoid the smoking area outside seem to have found it again and the brown bag lunches are being replaced with trips to Starbucks.
Resolutions are tough. We start all gun – ho but our determination can start to erode as work, life and chocolate get in the way.

Let’s take this time to reset and adjust so we can get past the tough spots and make those resolutions stick!

Here’s what “Team Susan” had to say:

Starting with Dr. Phillips’ Lifestyle prescription for the Year 2011:

Select any one (but #1 would be a good choice) of the following ‘Healthy Lifestyle Modifications’ and implement it during the month of January. Read it as often as necessary to remind yourself to keep doing it. Each consecutive month add an additional “Healthy Lifestyle Modification.” By the beginning of 2012, you will have gained significant health benefits and enhanced your quality of life.

Find the list HERE it’s awesome.

Here is what Dr. Easterling from Creative Healing  had to say:

With the start of the New Year many of us look at our health and fitness regimes and make some commitments to healthier habits, set some goals and make a little extra effort toward an improved lifestyle. Having your spine checked as part of those healthier choices should be part of your overall wellness routine. The fundamental truth is: HEALTH IS NORMAL!

Read more HERE!

How about from my Idol Fit trainer Ryan Brown:

5 simple health tips when making your New Years Resolutions:
1.Follow a nutrition and workout plan lead by a professional
2.Keep a small journal of your fitness and food logs
3.Slow down your eating…ALOT! Eat with your opposite hand until you mastered it
4.Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Flush out water retention by drinking more water
5.Shoot to do your health program 1st thing in the morning

Remember: Confidence Dominates Indulgence!

Learn more about Ryan HERE

From the crew keeping me looking my best Aura Beauty:

If this is your life – or even if it isn’t – I recommend this week’s resolution for 2011: Pamper yourself!
Learn more from THIS wonderful article!