InPrint: A-OK Enters the World of Print

NewspaperA New Year means new beginnings – whether it’s a new diet or a new boyfriend, the New Year is an exciting time of year where we promise ourselves the best and give a (somewhat) honest effort to follow through. We’re no different here at and we thought that we would give something new a go as well.

Starting Wednesday, January 12, Awesome Okanagan will be published weekly in the entertainment section of the Kelowna Capital News. Awesome, right? Right.

So what is a website doing in a newspaper? Maybe it’s just the fact that we like to talk, but mainly it’s the fact that we want to get all of this awesome “Okaknowledge” out there to you, the public!

Each week will have a different feature, much like the site, but unlike the site, each feature will contain more content that is exclusive to Capital News readers (a little extra bonus for those who still read the news). That means that you can still find all your favorite A-OK posts right here, but if you see the Capital News logo (like the one you see at the bottom of this article) then you’ll have to go to the paper for the rest of the article.  Sounds enticing, right? Right.

We’ll be featuring music, events, local hot spots, health and wellness, and more in the coming weeks and the best part about all of it is that it’s all 100% local – because that’s the way we like it here in the Awesome Okanagan, isn’t it?

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