“Fresh” Healthy Café

Locally owned & operated, I’ve only just learned that Fresh Healthy Café is a worldwide franchise started in Canada and the US. I’m still featuring them even while they might not necessarily face the same obstacles a local start-up might, they definitely are facing downtown Kelowna in the winter. Props to them.

On a freezing cold day, in a freezing cold office, nothing really hits the spot like a grilled panini and hot soup. Same goes in the summer, for some time have I been hoping for a smoothie place downtown and now we have a few to choose from, great after longboarding around in the hot sun. Can longboard be used as a verb?

Despite my fear of becoming too preachy I do have to bring up; one of the reasons I really got behind this place is their corn plastic cups that are 100% compostable. Unfortunately, people aren’t environmental unless it’s easy, and it’s hard to get much easier than using products that aren’t made from materials that don’t break down… recycled napkins, biodegradable cups, even offering suitable soy-protein replacements for meaty meals, it all makes an impact, no matter how small.

Fresh supports other local businesses, you’ll be hard pressed to visit them and not see four or five posters for local events and happenings while you’re ordering your next meal.

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