How Goes the Resolutions?

Here we are just about a month in to January. This is the time you start to notice the gym isn’t as busy, your coworkers that had managed to avoid the smoking area outside seem to have found it again and the brown bag lunches are being replaced with trips to Starbucks.
Resolutions are tough. We start all gun – ho but our determination can start to erode as work, life and chocolate get in the way.

Let’s take this time to reset and adjust so we can get past the tough spots and make those resolutions stick!

Here’s what “Team Susan” had to say:

Starting with Dr. Phillips’ Lifestyle prescription for the Year 2011:

Select any one (but #1 would be a good choice) of the following ‘Healthy Lifestyle Modifications’ and implement it during the month of January. Read it as often as necessary to remind yourself to keep doing it. Each consecutive month add an additional “Healthy Lifestyle Modification.” By the beginning of 2012, you will have gained significant health benefits and enhanced your quality of life.

Find the list HERE it’s awesome.

Here is what Dr. Easterling from Creative Healing  had to say:

With the start of the New Year many of us look at our health and fitness regimes and make some commitments to healthier habits, set some goals and make a little extra effort toward an improved lifestyle. Having your spine checked as part of those healthier choices should be part of your overall wellness routine. The fundamental truth is: HEALTH IS NORMAL!

Read more HERE!

How about from my Idol Fit trainer Ryan Brown:

5 simple health tips when making your New Years Resolutions:
1.Follow a nutrition and workout plan lead by a professional
2.Keep a small journal of your fitness and food logs
3.Slow down your eating…ALOT! Eat with your opposite hand until you mastered it
4.Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Flush out water retention by drinking more water
5.Shoot to do your health program 1st thing in the morning

Remember: Confidence Dominates Indulgence!

Learn more about Ryan HERE

From the crew keeping me looking my best Aura Beauty:

If this is your life – or even if it isn’t – I recommend this week’s resolution for 2011: Pamper yourself!
Learn more from THIS wonderful article!

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