Jason Lane’s Top 10 Local Concerts of 2010

We love lists here, we’re thinking about doing more as time progresses. While it looks like we may have missed our opportunity to make any Best Of… lists, thankfully we have local blogger and music aficionado Jason Lane to lean back on. Here’s his list of Top 10 Local Concerts of 2010!

What a year for local concerts around Kelowna!  The Breakout West festival was a highlight for many people I’ve been talking to in the last few months, and many great shows passed through town and made stops at the live music venues here in Kelowna.

I started this in 2007, and continued in 2008 and 2009, so here’s a look at some of my favourite shows from right here in Kelowna.

10. Henry Rollins – Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna, BC, May 23, 2010
9. Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez – Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna, BC, March 11th, 2010

8. Rural Alberta Advantage / Pepper Rabbit / Imaginary Cities – Habitat, Kelowna, BC, Nov. 4th 2010
7. Jon & Roy / Windborn – The Habitat, Kelowna, BC, April 16th, 2010
6. Stars / Young Galaxy – Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna, BC, Nov. 3rd. 2010
5. Broken Social Scene / The Sea and Cake – Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna, BC, Oct. 10th, 2010
4. Grapes of Wrath – Summerhill Winery, Kelowna, BC, July 28, 2010
3. Plants & Animals / Said the Whale / Kingdom Cloud – The Habitat, Kelowna, BC, May 2nd, 2010
2. Dan Mangan / Aidian Knight – The Habitat, Kelowna, BC, February 7th, 2010
1. Break Out West Festival with Said the Whale, Grapes of Wrath, Library Voices, Ryan Donn, Royal Canoe, Corb Lund, etc… various Venues, Kelowna, BC, Oct. 21-23rd, 2010

Jason’s local music blog goes all the way back to March 2005, with over 80 pages of posts. Check out this amazing archive of the last five years at laner.ca!

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