InPrint: Central Okanagan Spirit Festival Looks to Keep Spirits Up in February

Central Okanagan Spirit FestivalFebruary is mainly known for being the month we celebrate (or choose to not celebrate) Valentine’s Day, another dreary winter month, as well as it being the shortest calendar month. In the Okanagan there is now another attribute we can tag on to February – the Central Okanagan Spirit Festival.

This is a brand new event for the region brought to us by the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan and it will take place throughout the entire month of February.

Festival events and performances will provide attendees with an exciting opportunity for exploration, participation and enjoyment for all ages and all levels of art and cultural knowledge and experiences.

So if you find yourself complaining, “Why can’t it be summer yet?!” then shovel yourself out of that wintry hole of despair and find one of the many Central Okanagan Spirit Festival events to attend – a healthy dose of arts and culture can cure your winter woes much faster than your daily dose of evening television programming.

Tickets to Central Okanagan Spirit Festival events range from free admission to around $35. For the full event schedule and more information visit

Read the full article in today’s (February 16, 2011) edition of the Kelowna Capital News.

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