In Focus: Greg Gaspari

Looking at the quality of Greg Gaspari’s pictures, you’d never guess that he’s only been serious about photography for a couple of years. He’s exploring a variety of subjects and genres with the skill and range of someone with a lot more experience, creating memorable images with wonderful light and precision.

I first took a proper look at Greg’s work while assembling a gallery in our I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr. His treatment of trees was striking — a simple subject that yielded a beautiful gallery, but one that didn’t properly cover the range of his interests. I asked him a few questions to learn more.

How long have you been doing photography in the Okanagan?

I bought my first camera on June 9th 2009, so that’s when it all started for me. A year and half later and thousands of dollars spent on more gear (which is addictive by the way), and here I am with a magazine cover to my credit (Okanagan Map Guides). I’m also being mentored by one of the top wildlife photographers in North America.

Favourite locations in the valley?

I love shooting all over the Okanagan for its beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife. Some of my more travelled routes are up to Chute Lake and the surrounding area. Down Old Westside Road, anywhere along Okanagan Lake and up Hwy 33…I have my camera beside me when ever I leave the house, so I’m ready no matter where I am. I’m still trying to figure out where all the photography hotspots are, but that’s half the fun.

Influences or artists/photographers you admire?

First off, I get inspiration from my Flickr friends in the Okanagan, for locations, styles or subjects — I benefit from their experience and vision. I draw inspiration from Moose Peterson, especially his talents and teaching in the field of wildlife photography.

Your pictures tend to show the pure beauty of the valley — how do you see the landscape changing now and in the future?

Landscapes are always changing. As I mature as a photographer, the way I perceive and capture them will surely change, and I hope that reflects positively in my pictures.

Any thoughts on the changing technology of photography, or how the internet affects how you share and learn?

I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 25 years — all self-taught — but the web (YouTube and other sites) has made learning so much easier and quicker. That has transferred to my photography as well. Information that was hard to come by just a few years ago is now at the tips of my fingers. It is easier for people like me to go out and a buy guitar or a camera, take it home, and be learning within minutes. Sharing photos is the same way — two clicks and my pictures are on the web or in a friend’s e-mail…beautiful!

Orchard in February

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Calgary Tower

Hunter Italian Farm House-2006


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