InPrint: A Distinct Taste, Love at first Bite

What makes this the Okanagan so Awesome? For me personally, I dig the food. While the Blue Dog Café at 526B Bernard Avenue in downtown Kelowna may not be your first choice for lunch. When you’re in a rush, stalking the streets in ravenous hunger that only a proper meal can satiate, it can be hard to think straight, that’s when you need good, real food to recharge and get you through the week.

The Blue Dog is one of the best examples of local love and local cuisine in the same hot spot. Upon entering the quaint eatery and a quick glance at the menu is all it takes for you to see this isn’t your average bistro. Preparing all their distinct dressings, sauces, chutneys, salsa and most everything else that goes onto their menu from scratch means waiting a little bit longer to get your food. It also means putting care, trust and love into their cuisine, and that is a difference you can taste.

Read the complete article in today’s edition (Wednesday, Feb. 2nd) of the Kelowna Capital News.

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