K96.3 – Kelowna’s Classic Rock Announces the Release of K Comp Vol. 1

Jeff Pike of Winborn Shows Off His K Comp Vol. 1 CDsKelowna’s Classic Rock station K96.3 is proud to announce the release of K Comp Vol. 1 – a compilation CD made up of 12 of the Okanagan’s most up and coming artists.

The 12 artists from around the Okanagan that were chosen to appear on K Comp Vol. 1 were Precision, DSD, Matt Stanley and the Decoys, Patrick Kelly, Trinity’s Tattoo, Aspen Switzer, Ange Alero, Windborn, Thomas Kjorven, Cassidy Wethal, We Are the City, and Fields of Green.

K Comp Vol. 1 is only the first in a series of emerging artist compilations yet to come from K96.3 and Music BC.

Kelowna’s Classic Rock station K96.3 will be doing on-air and live on location giveaways to get the coveted compilation CD into the public’s hands but fans can also get a copy of K Comp Vol. 1 from any of the artists featured on the disc.

“It’s so exciting to see my name on the sleeve of the first K Comp along with 11 other great local artists. I would encourage any emerging artists to apply for this year’s K Comp because it’s such a great opportunity for development and exposure. I’ll be at Bar One this Friday handing out autographed copies so get ‘em while they’re hot!” Exclaimed Ange Alero upon receiving his batch of K Comp Vol. 1 discs.

2010 marked the beginning of an incredibly exciting long term partnership between K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock and Music BC and is an ongoing part of K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock’s commitment towards the development of the next generation of local artists.

Applications for K Comp Vol. 2 will open on June 4th so stay tuned to K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock station for more information.

Catch up on the project, watch this video from the showcase held at Habitat on November 27th, 2010 last year!

Listen to Aspen Switzer’s “These Are the Leaves” from the compilation. For more tracks and information, visit www.kcomp.ca

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