We Like It Hot

Here in the Okanagan we pride ourselves on how hot we are. We’ve got the weather, the people, and culture, and now the yoga. It’s the latest craze in exercise and it’s showing no signs of cooling down.

So why make yoga hot? The rooms are specially designed to be heated and maintained throughout the class at a steady 37°C, and if you remember your grade 11 biology teacher’s lesson on homeostasis, you’d know this is your body’s favorite temperature. It promotes blood circulation, flexibility, and toxin elimination.

Here in Kelowna we’ve been blessed with three very nice and very warm yoga centres: Bikram Yoga, Kelowna Hot Yoga Studio, and the newly opened Moksha Yoga.

If your body’s been craving some heat or your tummy some trimming, here’s the rundown on Kelowna’s latest excitement in exercise to help you pick the centre that’s right for you.

Bikram Moksha Kelowna Hot Yoga Studio
Philosophy A structured, rigorous routine in a patented series of 26 yoga postures. An intense workout designed to work every muscle in the body for maximum results. A combination of therapeutic yoga and traditional yoga to create a solid cardiovascular workout. Calming ambience helps to clear the mind and de-stress. A large variety of classes that range from intensive full-body challenges to healing the body from the inside out. A little something for everyone wrapped into one serene yoga centre.
Class Length 90 min 60-90 min 60-90 min
Music None Yes Depends on the class
Location Downtown Lower Mission Downtown
Drop-In Price $20 ($10 for students) $18 $20
Promos First Time: $20 for one week unlimited or $60 for one month unlimited. First Time: $60 for one month unlimited

Karma Class: $5 minimum donation (check the schedule).

First class $20, second class free. Then get %15 off a 10 or 20 class pass at your free visit.

So, Okanaganians, feeling cold this winter? Time to get hot for the summer months ahead– your body and soul will thank you. Maybe the collective heat created from all our bodies will melt the snow– in which case, I will thank you.

Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat, water bottle and two towels. Oh, and don’t show up at 7:00 for 7:30 class by accident. Apparently people don’t like being disturbed in the middle of their toasty tranquilness. Guess I had to learn the hard way.

P.S. Did someone mention “hottest Valentine’s date ever”?

Photo by flickr user stephcarter

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