For the Creative Cats

Bring your little one to 4Cats to play, learn and get messy (but please leave your felines at home.) 4Cats is the latest addition to Kelowna’s business community and it’s been making a buzz–or, purr– in school yards across the district.

Since its grand opening this past August, 4Cats Arts Studio has busy providing children aged 2-15 with fun, enchanting, and educational art classes (did I mention fun?) Studio curators teach how to paint in the styles of famous artists while allowing the students’ own personal expression to shine through the canvas. This month’s featured artists are Gustav Klimt and Vincent Van Gogh.

But it doesn’t stop there! 4Cats offers a wide variety of camps, birthday parties and workshops which will appeal to all kinds of palettes; including clay projets, pottery, stop motion and much more.

If you feel too old to get messy, you are so so wrong. 4Cats also offers adult parties or corporate events in true Jackson Pollock style…which means splatter painting. Lots of splatter and lots of paint. Everywhere.

If you’re ever in the Mission area, stop by, check out the artwork and ask about the funny name. For more information check out 4Cats online and stay tuned for their new West Kelowna studio opening soon.

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