International Day of Awesomeness

It is March 10th and that means it officially the unofficial International Day of Awesomeness for 2011 today (and Chuck Norris’s birthday), all over the world! While this blog is particular to the Okanagan region, it would be rude to deprive the rest of the planet their just deserts!

The International Day of Awesomeness is a celebration of awesomeness. People are awesome every day, frequently don’t realize it, and their feats of awesomeness are rarely recognized. The folks at IDA aim to fix that, with a special day to both perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness! This isn’t that far off from what we do, except we’re thinking, why just one day??

So, do something special for that someone awesome. Smile to a stranger on the street. Pick up a co-worker a coffee (yes, Pyper, this may even mean you!). Go out there and be AWESOME!

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