Loyal Hair Therapy

In the weeks leading up to our Launch Party, we’ll be featuring some of our local friends who will be taking part. This is hair week, we’ve featured Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge a couple times already and since Roxi Salon was our article yesterday, today is all about Loyal Hair Therapy. Nailing them down for an interview and photo shoot was difficult, they were entirely packed this morning and have another photo shoot this evening. As you can tell by the pictures, everyone was hard at work the whole time while  I tried to stay out of the way.

Loyal Hair Therapy (LHT) is a luxury boutique salon, purveyors of ultra-confidence for those who own their place in the world, control their own path and value their self-image as a reflection of their distinct identity and achievement.

While their product is crafted on the outside, its impact on the inside is the true measure of its value. Loyal Hair Therapy is seen as a beauty experience that raises their guest’s stature and confidence. Thus placing them on the pedestal to which they aspire, reassuring and confirming their own sense of self-worth.

They are quality, extravagance, flamboyance, success, performance and ambition. Most importantly the LHT team strives to continually live the quality of preeminence! But above all else, Loyal Hair Therapy is an attitude, one that insists – know who you are… own it!

Loyal Hair Therapy is located 112-1940 Kane Rd in North Glenmore.

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