Deviate Board Shop

As you may have read, in weeks leading up to our Launch Party on April 16th we had been featuring some of our local friends taking part. The lead up was a great way for everyone to find out a bit more about our local businesses and those supporting the community and if you were at the Launch, you know there were a lot! The good news is, we’re not done featuring these awesome businesses! The Launch Party is over, but the REAL party is just beginning! This week we’ll be focusing on the businesses involved in our Launch and today’s business is Deviate Board Shop.

Whether you’re a snowboarder, skateboarder, wakeboarder, or you’re just a sharp dresser, you’ll find the best at Deviate Board Shop.

Established in 1998 and originally located on Springfield across from Orchard Park mall, Deviate has always been a core, grassroots shop. Have you ever heard a Deviate ad on the radio? Have you ever seen a Deviate ad in the newspaper, or on TV? Never. “Deviating” from mainstream marketing is something the shop has stayed true to since day one; this doesn’t mean Deviate lacks community involvement though. Every year the shop holds or partakes in a plethora of events that are always a fun time. From rail jams at Big White, skateboard competitions outside the shop, to big time movie premieres, Deviate connects with you and the community directly through fun events and good times.

With a near endless list of brands, Deviate is known for carrying some of the most exclusive brands that help make the shop what it is. Altamont, Obey, Insight, Toms, Cons and Kr3w are just a few of the brands that you can find at their finest inside Deviate’s doors.

To stay informed with everything going on at Deviate, check out their website, the Deviate Facebook page, or come in and say “hello” at  2340 Hwy 97 North across from Safeway and Staples. There is going to be a lot happening this summer so you’ll wanna keep in touch..

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