Ecotone Installation at the A-OK Launch Party

We’re only four days away from our Launch Party at the Laurel Packinghouse and leading up to it (and even after it’s done) we’ll be educating you on all the businesses, artists, musicians and everyone taking part.

Today in a whirlwind fury of exhilaration we share a bite-size piece about the 5 artist installations representing the Ecotone arts festival.

  1. Kyle Zsombor, animal art
  2. Richard Clegg, the doorway grid
  3. Chad Pratch, (pre up-coming Kelowna Art Gallery exhibition) chairs installation
  4. Malcolm Eides, geometric shapes
  5. Gabe Cipes, Ecotone art

There will be an entire Ecotone zone for people to mingle with, folks representing Kelowna Permaculture, and ecological activists looking to involve people in ecological endeavors. “Teach a man to fish,” so to speak…

Photo by generalamazo2000

We will be promoting tours of local in progress examples of Spin, Permaculture, and Biodynamic, farming. All Organic Local and Zero Waste design, Awesome right?

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