Fall in Love with Flamenco Singing

If the romance of Latin Music has ever captured your imagination, this might be the week to satisfy some of your curiosity. The Spanish movie Camarón is being presented by the UBCO Spanish Program this Tuesday evening at Okanagan College Theatre in the Student Services Building.  This is a rare chance to see some of the best of Spanish cinema on a big screen in Kelowna.

Camarón is all about Flamenco and its most famous singer, Camarón de la Isla (Jaenada).   The role won Spanish actor Óscar Jaenada a Goya (Spanish Oscar). The movie is a love letter to a genius of Camarón’s craft and the relationships of his life.

“I believe these are exciting times for Spanish cinema,” says Francisco Peña , associate professor of Spanish in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. “Spanish cinema has always been an important art form in Spanish culture and history. Politics and history took a harsh toll on the Spanish film industry. The fact that more and more of our directors like Almodovar, Isabel Coixet, Amenabar — or actors like Javier Bardem or Penelope Cruz — are succeeding on the world stage is proof of the vitality and growth of the Spanish film industry.”

Camarón is part of a series of Spanish films the UBCO Spanish program was invited to participate in by the Spanish Embassy.

It is also a simple and inviting mid-week diversion for the cinema adventurist, cultural avatar, or lover of all things Spanish.

The public is most welcome Tuesday evening 7-9 pm at the Okanagan College Theatre – in the Student Services building.

Wondering what you might be getting into-  Youtube of Camaron is here.

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