From Fields of Green to Buildings of Brick

In weeks leading up to our Launch Party on April 16th at the Laurel Packinghouse we’ll be featuring some of our local friends who will be taking part. This is music week and yesterday we brought you Thomas Kjorven’s new album for absolutely free, so… who is next? You’d never guess it’s Fields of Green, so we’ll just tell you. It’s Fields of Green!

This dynamic foursome from Kelowna, BC has only been around since 2008, but they’ve been breaking ground quickly ever since. Trampling the expectations of slouching teenagers and erect professionals alike while shattering pre-existing notions of brilliance underfoot. Like a slightly less violent, highly localized Spanish Inquisition, Fields of Green will flay you to the bone with their genre-hopping post-rock getup, and then build you back with superb technical skill, weaving flesh and sinew together with haunting melody, gymnastic rhythms, flawless vocals, and seriously fresh style.

What does this all really mean? It means this group of pleasant fellows will be serenading you for the evening. The band’s eccentric yet aggressive live performance continues to capture the hearts of listeners. True to their craft, each member brings an influence of their own. While the sounds of Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Mute Math, and Elliott Smith may be touched upon, Fields of Green create a unique and honest live experience. Be it the monster percussion of Johnny Jansen, the mad structure of Kevin Dreger, the true lows of Connor Tkach, or the beautiful wailing of Kyle Tubbs, Fields of Green have touched on something exciting. And they are more than willing to share that with the rest of the world. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with notable BC artists such as Bend Sinister, TV Heart Attack, Sleddogs, We Are The City, Yukon Blonde, Dan Mangan, and The Left.

We’ve featured Fields of Green before on our A-OK Summer Mixcast Three so have a listen, or re-live the K Comp Showcase put on by K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock that featured so many local artists!

All photos this article by Jaclyn Herzog. Much of the write-up by Torin McLachlan.

Listen to Fields of Green’s song ‘A Liquid Mouth’ now!

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