The Okanagan Film Commission. The What?


First up, we are stoked that Brandon & his crew gave us this once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the Awesome Okanagan Blog! We first met Brandon and the Habitat crew a few months back and it was love at first sight.

Well hello, nice to meet you. We are the Okanagan Film Commission.

Did you know? Since 1990, the local Film Commission has been the motion picture linchpin in town, helping hundreds of productions, from feature films to commercials and even shorts – do what they do best, right here, in our amazingly beautiful backyard. Last year was one of our busiest years, bringing in our friends Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin to shoot The Big Year at the infamous Spotted Lake in good old Osoyoos. This year, we’re geared up for even more excitement as we include other types of screen-based media productions to our family.

Hi, I’m Jon, the veteran Commissioner.

And I’m Ashley, the new girl on the scene. We take ourselves really seriously. We like to read comics and wear fake plants. We just adore our peach offices. I don’t really know what I was doing looking through the office window there.

But seriously folks, are you a filmmaker, an artist, an animator, a developer, a designer…any screen-based entertainment (no, not “that” kind of entertainment), we represent. So let us know what you’ve been up to. You just never know what we’ve got cookin’ in town and how you be part of the action.

Our outreach is expanding and the future looks bright! Animation Studios in Kelowna? YES! Black Eyed Peas Music Videos being produced in Kelowna…YES! People dancing around in Kelowna in black leotards with ping-pong balls attached to them? YES! Visit our website, add yourself to the crew database. We’ll do a post a month to keep you up to date on what’s filming or key framing in our hood. But you can always catch us too

Party? YES! And if you like to party down with the big wigs, check out our Crew Mixer, April 21st, at the Cove Resort 2:30-4:30. It’s free so come out for free drinks and food and meet new creative peeps.


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