“This One’s For All You Knitters Out There”

Sunday night at the Kelowna Community Theatre, some of our close friends Kingdom Cloud (@KINGDOM_CLOUD), Aidan Knight (@aidanknight), Said the Whale (@saidthewhale) and We Are The City (@WeAreTheCity) all performed on the same stage, which to be quite honest (and every one that went already knows) was completely awesome. This was less like a concert and more getting together with old friends and turning the stereo up way loud.

We got to sit down with all these bands and talk to them about the show and unfortunately we have to extend our apologies to Kingdom Cloud, Sven Peterson and Said the Whale as a technical mishap deleted all your interviews, probably the least awesome thing we’ve reported on yet.

Enjoy the rest of the video as we talk to We Are The City about night predators from the sky, getting a little too excited during Jackie Chan movies (to be fair, this happened when Andy was 10), and the possibility of an Aidan Knight/Debra-Jean side-project EP. Said the Whale, we promise to make it up to you. Kingdom Cloud, you’re here all summer, let’s make a music video.

Wanna hear more of Aidan Knight and Debra-Jean’s track “Last Night”? Good, we put it on a Mixcast so you can listen to it now!

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