We Need Your Help to Save a Park!

It’s time for me to get a little political, but fret not, it’s for an awesome cause. Before I dive in, I need to address what make Kelowna and the Okanagan so darn awesome in the first place. You could draw up a laundry list of why we all love to live here, but I reckon the victor on most everybody’s list would be the abundance of parks and natural green space. I also believe that most of us would jump at the opportunity to create and conserve more of this land. Well, fellow awesome Okanagians, we have a rare predicament upon us, one that will test our spirit and dedication to this fare city and its beauty.

Kelowna City Council is being pressured to build condos with only a public walkway on a stretch of beach-front land between Kinsmen Park and Gyro Beach. On this Monday, April 18, they might just do that, despite over 220 people showing up at City Hall to protest!

The City long ago used your taxes to purchase the four waterfront lots south of the Cedar Avenue beach access, and the seven waterfront lots to the north. The stated purpose was to one day create a new lakefront park. Fifty years from now, we want to be remembered as having the vision and passion to create a real park for our community and families; not some “fancy sidewalk,” as one brave nine-year-old stated during the public hearing last week. On the east side of Abbott Street, there’s oodles of land waiting to be developed, so why not put buildings there instead of in the park? We want both the bike path and walkway through the park, and also a lake view from Abbott Street. We don’t want just a boardwalk that will be in the shade in the morning, and in the blazing sun in the afternoon (it’s hard to plant big trees in water.)

To prove to City Council that we do indeed prefer parks over pavement, a massive party has been organized for this Saturday, April 16, at 2pm. When head to head with a bureaucratic adversary such is the City, numbers are of the utmost importance, so we need as many bodies on that beach at 2pm as possible. This afternoon of organized mayhem will only go till 4pm,  leaving plenty of time to get dolled up for the evening’s Awesome Okanagan Launch Party at the Laurel Packinghouse. Save a park by day, celebrate at night! Captain Planet would be proud.

Who’s invited? We need a pile of old folks, moms and dads, kids and their dogs, girlfriends and boyfriends with Frisbees, bicycles, beach balls, blankets, books, and banjos to hang out in the “Almost Cedar Avenue Park.” Come sporting your best Speedos, swimsuits, trunks, tank tops and pedal pushers. It’s one afternoon of wholesome fun to make a powerful and visionary statement to Kelowna City Council.

It’s gotta be outrageous, so get creative, shame your friends into coming and take some time out of your busy Saturday, and bring your ass down to do something important for our city.

If you bring a car, park it far enough away and walk! We don’t need any excuses that the area cannot handle a park.

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/PeopleforthePark and share it with everybody you know!

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