Meet Shar, She Loves Healthy Skin

I first met Shar through her husband and over copious amounts of wine. I was immediately intrigued by her store, especially when I found out she carries some good-looking, rugged Men’s skincare lines. It made sense we would reach out to her for our A-OK Launch Party as a staple of awesome in the community, but let’s find out a bit more about Shar, the woman.

Her story is not unlike many local entrepreneurs, Shar’s life is peppered with passion for work, life and wine. “When we got married we just wanted to try a new adventure somewhere else,” she explains. Her husband, Thomas, had visited the Okanagan one time before and loved the weather and scenery. “More than anything it was us just wanting to do our own businesses and just felt Kelowna was the city we could do it in.”

Throughout her life, Shar had spent 15 odd years doing makeup. Taking a break after the first 10 years in makeup, she spent some time working with a pharmaceutical company dealing in skincare. When she finally came back to the industry, she saw small gaps forming in regular makeup education. “I wanted to bring the idea of medical-grade skincare in a cosmetic environment.” says Shar. She explains the niche market of women that “don’t realize you can buy good skincare from a clinic and it doesn’t have to be a condition of skin type.”

Like most fields, a well-rounded education in multiple disciplines benefits each one directly and in conjunction. Shar understands this, “when I first started doing makeup I did a lot of bridal, I branched off and went into film. Did a lot of film work for a little while, did a lot of commercial work, did a lot of print. A lot of fashion stuff,” she recounts. “Being able to work for Holt [Renfrew] for ten years I got to do a lot more fashion stuff and print stuff and work with a lot of photographers through the store.” It’s at this point I’m remembering when we first met last fall and I was geeking out with one of her friends who told me about her time working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you know me at all, you probably know about my continuing obsession with a show that’s been off the air for nearly ten years.

There is personal touch to her approach to both business and personal life. Shar loves to chit-chat and especially likes getting to know new people and clients. “To make someone feel so much better, you know, if they’re really insecure about something on their skin or on their face. To be able to make them feel so much better about themselves? It’s so nice.”

That is one of this author’s favorite things about the A-OK, genuine and personable small-business owners who get excited to just do what they do.

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