Sweet Home Style

I was meeting with my friend Tyler at his place last week, he is a roommate in a house with a few other folks including another old friend and a couple new ones. Their house is pretty incredible, they do their best to avoid processed foods by growing veggies and herbs all throughout the house and backyard, they even have a few chickens around! The home-owner, Jordan, also organizes painting parties. Basically groups of people, getting together and being creative. We think that encapsulates everything that’s awesome in the Okanagan!

There is a blue bunny on the wall.

Tyler handmade these speakers.

When you come to my house, this is where the REAL magic happens…

This is only the kitchen, living room and part of the dinning room, less than half the house. I didn’t post any pictures from bedrooms or the art in the hallways. You get the idea… let’s use this space as inspiration and instigate art collaboration!

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