A House is a Home

As far as cities go, Kelowna is still pretty young, we’re still building our his/herstory (even right here, right now on this community blog!). That isn’t to say we don’t have history to show off, this part of the world was here before we came, and will be after. But it’s definitely the parts after we showed up I’m interested in today.

Houses like the one pictured here from Abbott Street show off that the Okanagan wasn’t just Awesome recently, it always has been! Referencing the Bauhaus movement that start in Germany in the late ’10s and early ’20s that made its way here in the ’30s. There are only a few houses in the Okanagan that I’ve seen built in this style, but they’re pretty great. They remind me of men in zoot-suits, women in pearls, and a full band performing every night at some swanky club while folks sip their cocktails and dance the night away.

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