In Focus: Jason St.Pierre

It’s been inspiring to see unique images emerging from Kelowna photographer Jason St. Pierre since he got into night photography a couple of winters ago. Anyone who has taken photos at night in winter in Canada knows that this has to be a labour of love — it’s not easy or comfortable.

Last spring, I dug into his stuff to kick off a gallery project in our I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr. He’s posted a few hundred photos since then, including fantastic portraits and daytime shots. I’m still most struck by his interpretation of the Okanagan at night — that’s the style and subject matter featured here. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for Awesome Okanagan this week.


How long have you been doing photography in the Okanagan?

I’ve been doing photography in the Okanagan for about 6 years.  Ever since I bought my first DSLR and became passionate about photo making, it’s been in the Okanagan.  Of course, it started with shots of my kids, and after about a year of that I realized how much I loved it and started to read, learn, and practice as much as possible.
Favourite locations or subjects in the valley?

Big sky and water!  Some of my favourite photos have been near or on the lake with big sky taking up most of the photos.  Of course, anywhere in the Okanagan is a good place to take photos if the sun has set and the dark has engulfed my camera.
Influences or artists/photographers you admire?

I don’t really have any famous people that I look to for inspiration or as role models.  I try to do my own thing when taking photos.  That being said, my style and eye have been influenced by local photographers like my partner in crime, Chris Phillips.
What is it about shooting at night that interests you, and what challenges and opportunities do you see in the dark?

The most beautiful photos of the Okanagan come from the night.  There’s something about photography at night that is both beautiful and haunting.  Snow covered mountains, beautiful smooth skies and water with stars shining brightly above.  You just can’t beat the beauty at night.
Where do you see yourself going with your photography in the next year or two?

I’ve reached the phase in my hobby where I can either invest in more and better equipment and take things more seriously, or just settle in for a life of casual snapping.  I think that I will probably lean towards shooting more people and portrait shots in the years to come with the beautiful Okanagan as the backdrop and take fewer photos of just the landscape.

More of Jason’s stuff online:

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