InPrint: How to spend your Canada Day

Canada DayCanada Day will be upon us tomorrow and is, as we all know, a welcome day off but also a great day to get out and celebrate this absolutely awesome country of ours.

So you have all your flags, your face paint, your patriotism, and all of your other Canadian paraphernalia but now… What do you do?

You might find yourself tomorrow morning, or today even, wondering what you’re going to do with yourself on the birthday of our true north strong and free.

Well, Kelowna has no shortage of opportunities to busy yourself on the start of your three-day weekend.

So to start things off, Kelowna style, I would suggest leaving the car at home. We’ve all sworn under our breath about never being able to find a parking spot in downtown Kelowna during busy summer weekends and tomorrow will be no exception. Plan to bike, skate, board, walk, or public transit your way down to Kelowna’s Canada Day hot spot.

Once downtown, “Celebrate Canada Day – Kelowna” will be kicking off at 10am. The celebration is an annual, free community festival held in Prospera Place and Waterfront Park produced as a community partnership between Festivals Kelowna, Folkfest, and the Kelowna Canada Day Concerts Society, bringing the community a huge number of activities for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Later in the evening, of course, come the fireworks. This blessed display of all things patriotic, bright, glorious (and yet generally underwhelming) over Lake Okanagan will kick off at 10:30pm. Although this is an exciting and breathtaking moment for most – for some, this is also the highest point of tension from a days worth of mass crowds, sunshine, and consumption of numerous beverages so let’s keep things cool, safe, and positive. We all love to celebrate and we want to make sure that our city is still allowed to celebrate.

After the evening’s festivities my final advice would be to head down to Doc Willougby’s, enjoy the good company, and listen to Red Eye Empire rock, reggae, pop, and ska the night away.

Happy Canada Day!

To read the full article, pick up a copy of today’s (Thursday, June 30, 2011) copy of the Kelowna Capital News.

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