Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, 25th Anniversary

A park that featured greatly in the first 19 years of my life, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park will be turning 25 on the 13th. On June 13th, 1986, Kal Park officially opened. I’ve only got about 9 months on this park, and between the two of us, Kal Park is probably looking better at 25 than I am.

Taken from the BC Parks website:

Virtually at the back door of the City of Vernon, this fine example of north Okanagan grassland is dotted with ponderosa pine and groves of Douglas-fir. The spring wildflower show is truly spectacular. The largely undeveloped park has an all season appeal to those interested in its natural setting. The sloping, paved trail which wanders down to the beautiful private beaches, is filled with informative signs that let you know about the flora and fauna along the trails; in winter, cross-country skiers enjoy the wild beauty here.

A variety of animals, bird-life and reptiles and plant-life reside in this mosaic of grassland communities. To date, 432 varieties of vascular plants have been identified in the park, a rare find in such a small area.This peaceful park is ideal for the study and appreciation of natural history, all year round.

In 2008 Kalamalka Lake Protected Area became part of Kalamalka Lake Park, encompassing an area of 4209 hectares, and is now managed as part of the Park

Between hikes, school encouraged bike trips, years of parking the boat on the fabulous beaches surrounding the area, and some excellent cliff diving, this park and the memories & scrapes that go along with it defined a childhood in the Okanagan for me. At the time I was unaware the impact that environment would have on me as a designer. I find so much of my work has been influenced by the lakes and trees and mountains, it’s impossible for me to ignore the credit the A-OK deserves for consistently inspiring me.

Today at 1PM there will be a picnic between Jade and Juniper Bay with some fun and activities, including the opening of the 1986 time capsule
, guided walks, cake and refreshments


Photos by Smath. & sporkist

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