OSRDA’s Skate for the Cure

I was fortunate enough to spend my Saturday evening at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong to photograph the OSRDA’s (Okanagan-Shuswap Roller Derby Association) Skate for the Cure. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Roller Derby, picture bad-ass scantily clad women on roller skates smashing each other around while they try to score points on the track by pushing and shoving their way through a pack of other such bad-ass women. Needless to say, its awesome. This was my first time at a Derby bout (game) and I know I will be attending more. This particular bout was a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

First bout of the night was the rookies “White Vs. Black”

Being that it was a fundraiser, there was some head-shaving for cancer going on…

Speedy skaters speeding on skates!

I will definitely be attending many more derby bouts and I suggest that you attend one or two if you haven’t!

Check out the O.S.R.D.A.’s website

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