Shannon Beth Ireland

Penticton’s Shannon Beth Ireland holds many roles including (but not limited to) a mother, a grandmother, and a musician, the later of which being the purpose of this post.

I first became aware of Shannon just over a year ago when her daughter, all of Shannon’s children are talented musicians in their own, suggested her mother play an all ages event I was working on. This wasn’t the first time I had had a request to give someones parent a show, but was a little intrigued, so I did some digging and found that she had recently released a piano instrumental album “88 keys”. I have been told that when her children where growing up, when the power would go out, Shannon would have her kids pick an instrument and they would play the night away by candle light.

The first show I did for her was a small one providing entertainment for the local dragon boating society, this was the first time I had heard her sing, and was a little taken back, I found her voice to be reminiscent of the late, great, Janis Joplin. As Shannon plucked away at her 12 string blending both original and cover tunes I found her stage presence to be captivating, and found her to provide something for each audience member regardless of age, I watched as some of the aging dragon boaters took a few moments to dance, ’20 somethings joined them in the grass ahead of the stage. She would proceed to call her daughter and her son to the stage, joining in on a song, or two. making her set a family affair.

Recently, while on tour, I had the opportunity to once again to have Shannon grace the stage at Penticton’s Voodoo’s, this time in a darkened room herself lit up with stage lights, I watched as she again blessed the crowd with her acoustic performance, sharing short and personal stories of how each song came to be, or why she chose particular songs to cover, again she would call a friend from the audience to join her on stage sharing the limelight. Speaking after her performance I found out that Shannon has been busy with work to fund yet another album. With only one more session left in the recording studio, the new album, will not be instrumental,  this time Shannon will share with us her commanding voice, as she plays her  guitar, accompanied through various songs by, yep you guessed it, her talented children. I, for one, am going to keep an eye out for this album to be released through Salmon Arm based record label West Ave.

Catch more videos of Shannon here.

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