Sixdecibels Entertainment bring the rock!

Rock n roll, and a steady dosage of it.  It feels like every time I turn around these days there’s a rock show being put on by Sixdecibels.

Owner Terence Smith started up Sixdecibels Entertainment in Kelowna just over a year ago and began organizing shows with local bands for Flashbacks Night Club.  Since then he’s brought in some well known Canadian acts such Econoline Crush, The Creepshow, and most recently a very successful Three Inches of Blood and Cancer Bats concert.

Tomorrow night he’s doin’ it again, bringing The Matadors to O’Flannigans Pub.  The Matadors are a Horrorbilly band from London, Ontario.  Going on 14 years now, they are a staple in the Canadian Rockabilly scene, and are known for their wild, high energy shows.  Opening acts for the night include Grim Hymn & The Horrors, Porch Crawler, and Butch Haller & His Chesterfield Ramblers.  Tickets only $15.  That’s another great thing about Sixdecibels, their shows almost always showcase 3-4 bands, great value for your money.

Check out the upcoming shows they’ve got lined up for Kelowna at Flashbacks Night Club this Summer:

June 24 – Stand Down, Bucknife, Cold Driven, All Else Fails

July 08 – Tonight We Burn The Sky Red, Empyria, Avian Villain Symphony, Krousis

Aug 05 – Bucknife, No Other Way, Hellboys, and guests

Aug 07 – Big John Bates, Malibu Knights, plus guests

I’m lovin’ all this live music goodness, and pumped for The Matadors show Thursday!   SS Rodeo roller girls will be representin’ on skates ;)

To keep up with Sixdecibels hit them up on facebook:  Sixdecibels Entertainment

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