41st and Home at the Streaming Cafe

Thom, from our handsome/beautiful Vancouver friends 41st and Home, let me know they’ll be rolling through Kelowna July 30th to play the Streaming Cafe. You may remember this attractive bunch — and PEAK Performance Project 2010 alumni — from BreakOut West last fall.

41st and Home originally formed back in 2008 when science students Garth Covernton and Thom Kolb found a cello in Garth’s garage. Neither knew how to play it, but that wasn’t really important: what started at that point was a fascination with all things epic and orchestral, one that saw the band transition from an after school hobby into a rising act in the Canadian music scene. With violinist Sejal Lal, pianist Patrick Fiore and bassist George Knuff the group has maintained a DIY attitude towards making a name for themselves; they are their own recording engineers, management and publicists and intend to continue this way.

In early 2011 the band locked themselves in their practice space, ignoring the distractions of their university schedules and went to work crafting the makings of a new EP. In contrast to their debut album “Left in Places,” which took over a year to complete, this project was conceived, recorded and mixed in just over a month. Tracked by the group and mixed by Paul Boechler the upcoming release showcases the bands transition into more energetic territory, incorporating the intricate arrangements and rich instrumentation of their earlier work but experimenting with time signatures, ambiance and driving rhythms. The result is a 6 song collection evoking sonic comparisons to Arcade Fire, The National and Broken Social Scene while maintaining its own unique flavor. They have shared the stage with Said the Whale, Kelowna home town heroes We Are the City, Aidan Knight, Hey Ocean! and Shad among others; they’ve been featured in publications like Beat Route, YouthInk and Discorder and were selected as one of BC’s top 20 bands in both the 2010 and 2011 PEAK Performance Project.

Someone once handed them a note that read, “I’m glad you guys didn’t just stick to science.”

They recently performed this Canada Day in Surrey with 19 of the best bands in BC, check out the recap video from the day!


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