Live for the Ride

It’s easy to be critical about the lack of pedestrian space on roads in the Okanagan, we’re still pretty young and we’re pretty spread out. It’s clear we come from a history less involved with people walking from place to place more interested in hoping in their car to roll through the nearest drive-thru.

It’s another thing entirely to actively take part in the discussions of where these in-roads (punny!) need to be made. Conserving areas for pedestrians to enjoy this incredible area we live in means planning for our future and for future generations. Getting outside and having an actual place to walk — or bike, or longboard, or roller blade — means taking your time. You may not even have a destination (after all, it’s about the journey, no?), but you’re taking in the environment, you’re taking in friends, views, and everything else the A-OK has to offer.

Lately, Kelowna has been expanding their pedestrian areas. I had no idea to the extent with which the city had expanded some of these paths leading in and out of Downtown.

I love to longboard, but I’m pretty whiney about where I’ll do it. I like solid and bumpless ground and these new paths are exactly that. I can travel, uninterrupted by bumps and rocks, from Gyro Beach up Abbott Street to the North End of Downtown and all the way to Spall Rd.

And, of course, meet some new friends along the way.

So get out there, be a tourist in your own town. If you feel yourself becoming cynical or jaded with your place in the Okanagan, look at the area you live in from a different perspective. Let go of the steering wheel, get out of your car and go for a walk. Or a ride. Or whatever. Enjoy this beautiful weather, you won’t regret it*!

*results may vary, wear sunscreen.

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